March 2009 – February 2010

The Student Union is an organisation governed by students that represents the interests of all students at the University of Twente. Over 100 associations, committees and foundations including study, sports, cultural and leisure associations make up the Student Union. The annual budget was about 7.8 million euro and I was supported by office staff and three direct reports.

I was responsible for

  • the PR of the Student union,
  • policy for international students, and
  • policy for the IT facilities for students.

Some examples of what I did:

  • I developed a international student housing policy for the executive board of the University of Twente.
  • Together with international office I organized the International day of the University of Twente and I introduced the Henk Zijm international award.
  • My predecessor developed the general structure of a new Student Union website. I further developed the structure, hired employees to fill the content and coordinated the programming of the different modules.
Commissioner Communication, Internationalisation and IT at Student Union University of Twente